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Nginx Basic Authentication against Keycloak

Due to some updates in our infrastructure, I was looking for a means to authenticate nginx against a keycloak backend. I found some solutions, using Lua or commercial plugins.

I thought, that this might be doable with “pure nginx means” only, and I think, to some degree, I succeeded.

Lets just skip the explanation, and show some code, where we want to protect location “/” by basic auth forwarded to keycloak

# nginx.conf
location / {
    root /var/html;
    satisfy any;
    auth_request /auth_keycloak;

location /auth_keycloak {
		proxy_method POST;
		proxy_pass_header Authorization;	
		proxy_set_header Content-Type 
		proxy_set_body "client_id=clientId&

We delegate the authentication in “/” to the location “/auth_keycloak” and as mentioned in the documentation: If the subrequest returns a 2xx response code, the access is allowed. If it returns 401 or 403, the access is denied with the corresponding error code.

So we need to fix a client in keycloak, that will answer correctly to the given request. Formally the passed request is a “direct access grant” request. But there is a slight change. No username and password are passed, instead these are passed via proxy_pass_header Authorization.

How can this be achieved? The secret is in the supported flows. I assume that you are familiar with keycloak basics, thus I only show the relevant parts:

I override the Direct Grant Flow with a http challenge flow, which removes the requirement for the username and password passing as form value, and reads the Authorization header.

Also I deactive the other non-required capabilities!

Now, at least for me, with this reduced solution, I managed to do Nginx Basic Authentication backed by a keycloak service.