Setting Java for Eclipse on OS X …

It already bothered me for some time, that one constantly seems to have Eclipse running with the wrong Java version. That is, if you’re doing heavy development you might have Java 6, 7 and 8 installed on your machine.

In order to switch the main JVM Eclipse will run with you have to follow these instructions, which involves manually changing the .ini file each time you want to change the version. This is quite cumbersome, so I decided to learn some Apple Automator.

After some insatisfying approaches to generate a service, I generated an application that works as follows:

  1. Drag an OS X onto it
  2. The application browses all JDK installations in /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines and prompts you to select one, which it will then configure within the resp. ini file

The app is completely realized in Automator, with some perl, I had to zip it to distribute it over Dropbox. It is in a very early stage … feedback always welcome 🙂 Here goes a short demo video: