JFace Databinding with PojoProperties on Boolean

Consider the following Pojo Foo

public class Foo {
  boolean boolProp;

  public void setBoolProp(boolean boolProp){
    this.boolProp = boolProp;

  public boolean isBoolProp() {
    return boolProp;

then you might assume, that you can databind that with master-detail pattern given a SWT.Button with the following code

IObservableValue uiObs = WidgetProperties.selection().observe(button);
IObservableValue prescObs = PojoProperties.value("boolProp", Boolean.class).
dbc.bindValue(uiObs, prescObs);

Well this will not work, you actually have to have a method

  public boolean getBoolProp() {
    return isBoolProp();

in your Pojo to make it work.

I am not sure, why this is the case, as one tries to programm according to bean style, where you have the isX and setX for Boolean properties. I am also not sure wether this is different for newer versions of JFace (this is 3.8.0). Just find it worth mentioning, and am hoping for some comments on this 🙂