The GEODISE Compute Toolbox: Possibilities and Limitations (bibtex)
@INPROCEEDINGS{2nd_agrid_symp_geodise, author = {Marco Descher and Klaus Rheinberger and Thomas Feilhauer}, title = {The {GEODISE} {C}ompute {T}oolbox: {P}ossibilities and {L}imitations}, booktitle = {2nd Austrian Grid Symposium}, year = {2006}, editor = {Jens Volkert and Thomas Fahringer and Dieter Kranzlm{\"u}ller and Wolfgang Schreiner}, volume = {221}, pages = {42--51}, month = sep, publisher = {Austrian Computer Society}, abstract = {Grid resources are attractive to Matlab users to extend their computations. The GEODISE Compute Toolbox provides Matlab functions to access Grid resources. There are several variants to use Grid resources via GEODISE which differ in the type of licensing required and the implementation. We investigate the possibilities and limitations of three implementation variants for the optimization of an ECG signal analysis algorithm.}, isbn = {978-33-85403-221-2}, location = {Innsbruck, Austria} }
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